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Assistance for families affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.



Take a Step Foundation is a humanitarian organisation dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of impoverished children and families. Our mission is to secure a brighter future for each child by working with the most marginalized segments of society. For over a decade, We have been committed to addressing crucial concerns related to the comprehensive development of children. We engage with key stakeholders, including families, communities, schools, government, and children themselves, to achieve this goal. Our approach incorporates health, sanitation, nutrition, gender, education, livelihoods, and child protection interventions to support children extensively.

What we Do


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  • Education: Education holds the potential of a better and brighter tomorrow for any person acquainted with it. Take a Step works to spread the power of education by initiating school reform through The PathShala Project wherein we give every child under us a new route to a better life. Under which we provide primary education through Take
    in different slums. centers Step

    the Through  we reach out not only to the students but their underprivileged families. We commit to support each child by giving them the gift of knowledge and education to build for themselves a brighter tomorrow.centers

  • Nutrition: Food is a basic necessity of humans. Food intake should be such that it provides our body with the nourishment it requires. Most of the deprived population simply works for a meal that is incapable of providing them the necessary nutrients. We work to address the causes of malnutrition with special focus on children below 5 years, pregnant women and mothers through counseling, emergency feeding programs, health worker training etc. We organize many health camps to promote proper eating habits and provide the underprivileged with basic food supplies. We at Take a Step believe that if a child has a full belly and good health he/she can focus on his education, a mother with proper nourishment can take care of her family and a man with proper nourishment can further work to keep his family healthy, safe and happy.

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Nature has an abundance of water but only 2.5% of which is fresh water, a lot of effort goes into bringing this water to people. Our project under the guidelines of WASH/WATSAN focuses on providing children and families with access to clean drinking water.  In addition to this, we also promote good hygiene and sanitation practices. Many children miss out on basic school years due to lack of clean drinking water or proper toilets. We educate the masses to use proper toilets. Many girls during their adolescent years abandon education due to poor sanitation and hygiene and no access to washrooms during class hours. We at Take a Step aim at fighting these ills of the community and help every man and woman despite their age barriers have clean drinking water, proper sanitation and hygiene.

  • Humanitarian Emergency Assistance: We bring life-saving support in times of disaster. We are committed to long-term rehabilitation, helping communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts get back on their feet.

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